A Timeless Pair Of Stylish Sunglasses: The Von Zipper Elmore

As we all know, there is no shortage of rectangle sunglasses available for us today, with the hundreds of brand to choose from picking a style that suits your face can be somewhat challenging, especially if you don’t try them on before purchasing them.

round sunglasses men simply aren’t just an accessory that reflects your personality, they are much more than that, they protect your eyes from the harmful rays given off by that wonderful ball of fire know as our SUN, so when choosing, look for a pair that has a good UV protection. Did you know that the most advanced focusing lens made, cannot focus as quick as your eyes, so you need to look after the only pair of eyes you were given.

Durability is another factor to keep in mind, some designer brands are extremely durable and a little more costly, but will also last a lot longer giving you years of enjoyment.

So how do you choose a brand that offers different designs, styles and great protection. Simple, Von Zipper. Their prices are competitive, they have a great reputation for using quality material and they also help define your personal style.

Now that you have chosen a brand, what style is best for you? Alternatively you could buy a few different pairs, however this could be costly and impractical, Its also best not to go to radical on the design as you want to be able to wear your glasses for different occasions so sticking to style that’s classic and modern is a better way to go.

There is one style that offers that, the Von Zipper Elmore. This is a cool and sexy but modern design that you can wear hiking along a cool stream, walking along the waters edge on a surf beach and feel the water lapping at your feet, strolling through the city shops or attending that outdoor business meeting. The Grilamid frames look cool being marginally oversized showing of your personality all whilst providing excellent protection from the sun through the polycarbonate lenses.

Expressing your individuality is easy with the Von Zipper Elmore, both their frame and lenses come in a wide range of colors so choosing a pair that reflects who you are is easily done. Now for the ladies, if you want to stand out from the crowd and be unique, then it’s hard to go past the Purple Erkel Frame with the Cosmic Chrome lens. Purchasing the Vintage Grey Lens with the Black Gloss Frame shows the true classic look, a very cool look one not easily beaten, also the Lightsout Lime with the Quasar Chrome, the Timewarp Tangarine with the Luna Chrome.

Simply putting it, these Glasses make such a statement. From hiking to boardroom the Elmore Von Zipper is so unique, it’s classic yet modern, Casual yet timeless, you can be confident that this style wont go out of fashion in years to come, with the Von Zipper Elmore, you definitely will be noticed and even slightly envied.

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