BFPO Delights: Surprising British Forces with Joyful Packages


“BFPO Delights” is a heartwarming initiative dedicated to creating care packages that bring unexpected joy and happiness to the British Forces. These carefully curated packages go beyond the ordinary, aiming to surprise and uplift the spirits of our servicemen and servicewomen deployed abroad. Here’s a guide to crafting delightful Care packages that spread smiles and create moments of joy for our brave British troops.

Whimsical Treats and Sweets

Include a variety of whimsical treats and sweets to add a delightful touch to the care package. From playful candies to unique chocolates, these surprises are sure to bring smiles and create moments of indulgence for our troops.

Surprise Entertainment Items

Pack surprise entertainment items such as small games, puzzles, or novelty toys. These unexpected additions provide a source of amusement during downtime and foster a lighthearted atmosphere.

Personalized Surprises

Add personalized surprises based on individual preferences and interests. Whether it’s a favorite magazine, a small hobby-related item, or a customized accessory, these personal touches show thoughtful consideration and create moments of delight.

Festive and Themed Decorations

Incorporate festive and themed decorations to add a celebratory atmosphere. From seasonal decorations to themed banners, these surprises bring a touch of joy and create a sense of occasion, especially during holidays or special events.

Unconventional Snack Selections

Include unconventional snack selections or unique local treats that might not be readily available. Introducing new and exciting flavors adds an element of surprise to the care package, creating a delightful culinary experience.

Personal Messages of Encouragement

Encourage friends, family, and well-wishers to include personal messages of encouragement and positivity. These heartfelt messages, hidden among the surprises, serve as emotional boosts and reminders of the support from the home front.

Customized Keepsakes

Add customized keepsakes, such as small trinkets or tokens, that hold sentimental value. These surprises create lasting memories and serve as tangible reminders of the connection between the British Forces and their loved ones.


BFPO Delights care packages are designed to be sources of unexpected joy and surprise for the British Forces. By including whimsical treats, surprise entertainment items, personalized touches, festive decorations, unconventional snacks, personal messages, and customized keepsakes, these packages become more than just supplies – they become moments of happiness and connection. Through BFPO Delights, we hope to bring unexpected smiles and joy to our servicemen and servicewomen, reminding them that, even in challenging circumstances, moments of delight and connection are sent to them with gratitude and appreciation.

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