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Rajasthan is very rich in architectural and heritage sites. There are many historical monuments, forts and palaces in Rajasthan. The place is delight for tourists of all tastes. Rajasthan is rich in wildlife and cultural inference. It has vast expense of desert dotted with sand dunes, sparkling lakes, lush gardens, mighty mountains, etc which make Rajasthan an ideal travel destination. Tourism in Rajasthan is, however, famous for its numerous forts and palaces that speak the royal past of the Rajasthan. Here are some must see monuments that are frequently and widely visited by the tourists.

Hawa Mahal: Hawa Mahal, Palace of Winds is a very famous palace of Rajasthan. It stands in the heart of capital city Jaipur. It is a five – storey palace and has been named as Hawa Mahal as there are more than 900 small windows in the palace. It is actually an integral part of City Palace. The whole building is made of red and pink sand stone. The outer walls of the palace are beautifully bordered with motif work. One can get spectacular view of Pink City from the windows of the palace.

This palace was built for the royal women to get glimpse of everyday airbrush makeup life of the street. The building structure resembles the crown of Lord Krishna. The palace is lashed with all luxuries. The interior of the palace is beautifully decorated with lattice work. It is become the major landmark of Rajasthan tourism and popular attraction of Jaipur. The palace looks very beautiful at the time of sunrise.

Amber Fort: Amber Fort is one of the most significant ancient citadels in Rajasthan. It stands proudly on the outskirt of Jaipur. The fort was made on hill for both defense and residential purposes. Within the fort premises one can see many gardens, terrific temples and beautiful palace. The beautiful Sheesh Mahal, the Palace of Mirror is also positioned inside the fort premise. One can see the unique blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture. The fort and the inside palaces are richly decorated with stone carving, paintings, motif work, etc. The Palace of Mirror is decorated with colorful mirrors.

Dargah Shariff: Dargah Shariff is one of the most sacred Muslim shrines in the country. It is located at the foothill of Taragarh Hill (Aravalli Mountain Ranges) in Ajmer District, Rajasthan. The Dargah Shariff contains tomb of Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti, a sufi saint. The dome of the tomb is plated with gold. The shrine is revered by both Hindu and Muslim. It is believed that the almighty fulfill the right desire of the followers who make prayers there. The tomb is made of white marble and the railings are decorated with silver band. The fragrance of incense sticks and the humming sound of sufi Qawwali give the divine effect to the place.

Jaisalmer Fort: Jaisalmer Fort is the largest fort of Rajasthan. It stands on the golden sand in the middle of Thar Desert. The fort houses many palaces and Jain temples. Raj Mahal and Merchant Haveli are the famous palaces located within the fort premises. The fort is called as “Golden Fort” due to its appearance. It is made of yellow sandstone and the golden hue of desert makes it called as Golden Fort.

These are some must see monuments of Rajasthan. Tourists can also explore many other attractions during India Rajasthan tours. Rajasthan is very popular tourist corner in India. Select one of the Rajasthan tour packages to visit the popular attractions sites cited in the royal land.


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