Gym Marketing Ideas For You

If you are looking for some great ideas for gym marketing then you may want to take your time and read through this article carefully. The importance of proper marketing for gym services is very high nowadays because of the sudden fitness consciousness among the masses.

People want to ‘hit the gym’ with never seen before zeal and drive. Some want to get in shape while others want to get in ‘perfect’ shape and be the proud owners of sculpted bodies! Whatever be the demand, if you own a gym, you stand to gain. Here are some great gym marketing ideas to help you get ahead of the competition.

You can use loyalty and referral programs to draw new clients as well as strengthen your ties with the existing ones. It is very important that members are well informed when you are trying to run a referral program, so that they can properly convey the benefits of your training programs to their contacts.

You can offer freebies such as gym-gear, massage and aroma therapy or weekend trips as rewards in a loyalty program. This may encourage the clients to renew their membership with you year after year.

You can also try gym marketing tactics such as free memberships and corporate memberships. Free memberships for a very limited period of time can help you gain clients for the long term. This is because after getting hooked on to the services in your gym, most will find it difficult to leave and thus may sign up with you.

Corporate memberships can be sold to companies who can avail ‘group discounts’ on the packages and can include them in the employee’s compensation as perks.

Linking weight loss targets to cash rewards is another great gym marketing idea. The thing to do here would be to announce a payment to the client for losing weight by availing your gym services. This may work in various ways.
One of the options may be to offer a ‘payment Beef jerky for bodybuilding per pound lost’ reward. The other may be to offer the client a ‘cash-back’ or a refund of a percentage of the money he paid to join in. Yet another approach may be offering a refund in case the weight loss targets are not met.

Since there are chances of confusion in these plans thus it is imperative that clients are made to sign agreements and are also fully aware of the terms and conditions before they proceed to undertake any challenges.

Other than these you can make use of gym marketing tips such as branding and advertising. Branding can help your gym be recognized amongst the multitude. Also you may want to avail as many modes of advertising as your budget will allow. So in addition to conventional resources you can also use the internet to great effect.
Try out these gym marketing plans and you may see a lot of success very soon!

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