HP Servers: A Cost Efficient and Dependable Networking Solution

HP has been a hardware provider in the technology market for more than sixty years developing a reputation for high quality by making a large investment into product research. New server technologies are just one area where this company has continually made its mark as a global leader in technology. HP is one of the few companies offering a complete portfolio designed to meet the varying needs of businesses today. An HP server solution may be the next needed step to move a company forward both in available technology and business processes. A server assists in managing the network resources used by a company. It may be more generalized to handle multiple processes or have a specific function to carry out.

For example, a file server aids in the storage of files by any network user. Those dedicated to printing operations manage a single device or multiple IT Support devices shared on the network by facilitating job traffic. Database servers act as a complete computer system with their main purpose being to process queries sent to a database. In most business setups, a server is dedicated to one particular set of functions; however, they may be configured to execute various functions if needed. Any business making this purchasing decision must know what type of jobs or traffic will be managed by the equipment. This information ensures the chosen device will meet all business requirements sufficiently.

Used Servers: When Should They Be Considered by a Business?

A business has multiple options when buying a server or other hardware components. HP has many product lines designed around varying technologies and business needs. Companies must decide between purchasing new or used servers in addition to the type of hardware needed to fit the job. Used equipment is just as rewarding in certain scenarios when it is evaluated thoroughly. A server may be sold in refurbished condition due to overstocking, cosmetic flaws, and order cancellations. Secondhand does not always mean the product was configured or physically used. A device cannot be called new once it leaves the warehouse, but can be sold as refurbished at a more appealing cost. As new product lines become prevalent, old models have to be moved out of the warehouse. They may be re-manufactured as an obsolete model and sold with the refurbished label. These products are often given a price tag half that of what is charged when they are first manufactured.

Used servers are beneficial when applications do not have to run on the latest technology, in restricted budget situations, and for software testing purposes. They are also a great buy for stocking a training room or to obtain the latest product when it is not available through the manufacturer. High demand equipment can become out of stock quickly, but re-manufactured order cancellations can make this same hardware available at a more advantageous cost. Some companies are dependent on a specific platform, making discontinued products necessary to maintain standardization. Refurbished products allow a company to continue their current process dependent technology. Re-manufactured HP servers supply the same quality and performance benefits but at a reasonable cost.


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