Pond Waterfall at Home

For years, mini waterfall has been idolized to be a part of home décor. It provides cool and fresh feeling. The spot where it is placed considered as recreation spot, so there is no need to question why this area becomes family’s favorite.

Creating a mini waterfall at home garden is the best thing to create natural scenery. Put it on backyard or front garden, and your guests will like it. Combine it with stones and plants to make more beautiful view. You can place some dining chairs and tables to enjoy it when you are having meals with family. Or hold a garden party, and see how you friends will spend hours there.

To make a beautiful home waterfall, there are several factors you should consider. It is not difficult actually, but a little mistake will affect its whole view. You better off reading this following information.

The first factor is placement. Yeah, you are right! Location, location, and location! When deciding to build a mini waterfall, you should find a place where koi pond your waterfall can be viewed from some points. It will be good for you to put it on a spot which provides clear view from kitchen window or living room. If you have enough space, you can build it outdoor to create a more natural look.

Decoration is the second factor. You should choose wisely the kind of stones you will use to build it. Do not use big stones if you only have little space because they will make your waterfall invisible. You must make the falling water as the center of point of view, not the other things. Arrange the stones well to provide the best view. You can be as creative as possible in designing the waterfall. You can support it with a small river.

The third factor is water circulation. To make a waterfall, you will need a pump. To know the suitable pump, you should know the amount of water that pours down and the size of the pond. You may need a waterfall weir chart to help you know the size of the pond.

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