Sunglasses According to the Shape of Your Face

Trends in sunglasses change every year. There are many types, brands and models on the market. Here in this article I will show you how to choose modern sunglasses, consistent with the shape of your face and your needs.

Colored glass and models mark year 2010. In previous years, most glasses were monochrome or decorated with a metal accent only. This year, not only the frames are bathed in color – it will spread on the whole glasses. Top designers recommend not only colors for the frames but also animal prints, dots, stripes, plaid and more. This will allow you to combine your glasses with your favorite scarf, bag and jewelry.

Another trend for 2010 is the face “hugging” frames. Thus shaped frames follow the line of the face and emphasize its structure, making it seem thinner. Do not be afraid to wear glasses of “unisex” type such as the modern this year “aviator” glasses or the square ones. And the most important thing – your glasses should complement the shape of your face. Here the golden rule is to choose models which shape is opposite to the lines of your face. For example – if you have angular and sharp features, it is better to choose an oval model of sunglasses.

The ideal shape of the face is oval, with raised, high cheekbones and tapered chin. This type of person looks good with every models and frames of glasses. Not everyone, of course, has an oval face. There are six types of face shades. Not all people have typical form which can be added to these six groups, but more or less, everyone fits in one of them. Except the oval face we also have:

Triangular face – If you have a sharp chin and wide forehead, you have the face of Victoria Beckham. The suitable glasses for you are those with thin frames and oval form. It is best to choose dark tones like brown or black.

Inverted triangle – this face is with narrow forehead, extending to the cheeks and chin. To balance it, it should be “expanded” in the upper part and this can be achieved with large and wide frames in different colors and patterns.

Square face – it is good to soften your features with round sunglasses in bright shades of glass. Such is the face of Jennifer Aniston, who chooses glasses with appropriate size, because if they are too small, they make your face bigger.

Rectangular face – it is characterized by a wider jaw. Such is the face of Kate Moss, who wears big sunglasses.

Round face – you need a model with thicker frames that will lengthen your face vertically.

“Diamond” – this is the rarest form. It is characterized by a narrow line of the eyes, protruding cheekbones and narrow chin. To emphasize the eyes, select frames that fall in the line of the eyebrows.

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