Top 3 Short Term Apartments For Rental

There are short term apartments for rental everywhere. Too many choices make one difficult to decide. Also, there are too many information available to filter through. This article will provide you the top 3 places you can stay during your vacation in Paris.

If you are planning for a short vacation in Paris and not willing to pay for the luxurious hotels, then you will want to look for cheap apartments to rent. There are plenty of short term rentals in Paris. And if you do not know which to choose from, here are a few recommended apartments.

1. Montparnasse studio

• Located in Paris 15th, Montparnasse studio offers a fully proptech startup furnished short term accommodation for two. It is just within walking distance to the Plaisance tube station and shopping area of Montparnasse. This studio is not only comfortable but it also looks new. With two pairs of lifts, you can find a private indoor swimming pool and solarium on top of this 29-floor building. Also, from that height, you will be able to admire the beauty of France’s global icon, ‘The Eiffel Tower’.

2. Louvre apartment

• This short term apartment provides one bedroom for four. It is situated just in from of the Louvre Museum, next to the Palais Royal and the Tuileries gardens. Besides that, it is equipped with new furniture and appliances, as if you are in your own home. Also, if you are not renting a car, fret not, everywhere is within walking distance. It is only a five-minute walk to the St Germain through the most romantic bridge in Paris. A walk to Sainte Chapelle would take 8 minutes while Ile Saint Louis would require 10 minutes. Furthermore, public transports will be available easily as you are in the heart of Paris.

3. Elzevir apartment

• You can find one bedroom, one bathroom, living room and a kitchen in this apartment. Ideal for two but can fit 3 or 4 people. It is located on the charming Rue Elzevir in the historic Marais district. You would only require a 5-minute walk to the famous Paris cultural sites such as Place des Vosges, Musee Picasso, Musee Carnavalet, Archives Nationales, Musee Cognac Jay and the Swedish Cultural Institute. Another 10-minute walk would take you to the Pompidou Center, Seine River, Notre-Dame and the Bastille Opera.


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