Work From Home – Make Money Blogging With WordPress

Want to work from home and make money blogging? Then consider WordPress to be your most powerful tool. Once installed on a site, WordPress is endlessly customizable, allowing you to create exactly the high-traffic and high-income site you want.

Here are three steps to consider when creating money-making WordPress blogs.

1. Decide on Your Business Model: Will You Keep Your Blog or Sell It?

Your first step must always be to decide on a business model (how you’ll make money) with your new WordPress blog.

Business models to consider include: creating a blog to sell (known as blog “flipping”), creating a blog on which you’ll sell one or more affiliate products, creating a blog to sell your own product, or creating a blog on which you’ll sell advertising.

Whichever business model you choose, you can use WordPress plugins to customize each blog for a particular model.

2. Choose Money-Making Blog Topics and Styles

Your next step is to choose a money-making blog topic. You can make money with thousands of topics, but here’s a big hint: sell what people are buying. Often new bloggers are told to find a niche which has little or no competition, but this is useless advice. Niches will little competition have few customers.

Here’s a shortcut to finding a profitable topic: find out whether magazines exist for this topic. If magazines exist, it’s a money making topic.

Once you’ve chosen a topic, it’s time to choose a style for your blog. My favorite style for small money-making blogs is a review style. Review blogs, as the name suggests, focus on reviews. Since people always want to know the good and the bad about products before they buy, any review blog will attract traffic.

Another blog style to consider is a news blog. A news blog offers the latest news in the topic you’ve chosen. The benefit of a news blog is that it’s easiest to create content for such a blog.

Unless you’re an experienced blogger, be wary of straight content blogs. Content-heavy blogs need hundreds of posts to gain traction; and you would need to post to the blog at least once a day. However, the benefit of content blogs is that you can build them into authority sites, which you can eventually sell for five or six figure sums.

Once you’ve added some content to your blog, look for WordPress plugins for that particular style of blog. For example, you’ll find eBay plugins for various styles of blog.

3. Testing Blog Ideas: Is It an Eagle or a Duck?

Every blog you create will surprise you at some stage. Therefore, test lots of blog ideas. You’re looking for a few soaring eagles amongst a lot of waddling ducks.

WordPress makes it easy to test blog ideas. You can set up a blog in minutes, customize it, and add content to it. You’ll soon see whether it’s an eagle or a duck.

If you want to make money from home, WordPress blogs will help you to create a great income. Get started today.

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